Do You Have Good Debt Or Bad Debt?

It is hard to imagine any debt being “good” debt. In most cases, it is not a good idea to carry debt. The interest rates alone are often the most significant deterrent to not paying off credit cards in full every month. 

Becoming a homeowner and/or acquiring properties for income is considered “good” debt because you are purchasing a property that can bring you income over time. Owning your own home is not only rewarding, but it is financially helpful.

Make sure if you do use your credit card that it is something that you need. Buying clothes will not earn you any income over time, and with interest, the bills will make it, so the clothes cost you a lot more over time.

Many companies also think it is good to take out high-interest loans such as payday loans and cash advance loans when they have bad credit. 

Ultimately taking control of your financial health is very important. Knowing how to control what type of debt you have is crucial to your financial health and future financial freedom.


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