The Secret to Buying a House with Bad Credit Story

You might think that having a credit score in the 500s would keep you from buying a home. But that isn’t always the case.

Depending on your circumstances, you may have lending options that make it possible to overcome that bad credit barrier when buying a home. This guide will teach you how to buy a house with bad credit, and where to go to find financing that will work for you.

1. No Emergency Fund

The minimum credit score you need to buy a home will vary based on a few factors: 1. The type of mortgage you want 2. The lender you’re asking 3. Who you are

Minimum Credit Score Needed for Different Mortgages

Certain types of home loans allow you to qualify with a lower credit score while others require a higher score.

Lender Credit Score Requirements

Every lender has a set minimum credit score they require to approve homebuyers for a mortgage. Some lenders will accept lower credit scores while others have stricter requirements.


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